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Practicing law flows through our blood and we are passionate about helping our clients’ legal needs whether it be criminal law, family law, probate or personal injury. Our team has experience on both sides of the bench and we use that experience and know how to navigate the interests of our clients in the courtroom. Since 1967 the LaHood family has represented thousands of cases in our great city of San Antonio and we will be here for generations to come. Thanks for putting your faith in LaHood Law, Lawyers you can trust! 

Michael LaHood 

One of Michael’s first memories is of he and his father Zaiter waking up around 4 am to get fresh produce to sell.  Even at an early age, Michael’s father taught him the secret of success: hard work and dedication, there are no shortcuts to success. 

Michael carried this lesson with him throughout his life.  Michael was commissioned into the U.S. Army before finishing law school in 1967.  He would finish his military career with the reserves, retiring at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. 

Michael instilled his values into his family and his law practice, building a successful general practice until his appointment as Judge of County Court at Law 15 in 2009.  Throughout his 50 years of practicing law, the one constant he understood in private practice and on the bench was this:  Each person’s case is the most important case to them.  They entrust their lives into your hands.  Honor that trust.  Defend their case as if it was your own.

Marc LaHood

Raised from childhood to defend the defenseless and never back down to a bully, Marc never forgot these lessons his father taught him. Working in St. Mary’s Law School’s Criminal and Civil Clinics, he learned firsthand that justice isn’t blind and people are railroaded daily in our justice system.  And he also learned that the only chance we have to protect ourselves from false charges and injustice is to be able to effectively bring the fight to the courtroom.

As a trial lawyer, Marc has built a reputation for successfully defending his clients at trial.  He has won cases from misdemeanor assaults to first degree drug charges and murder.

In the last two years Marc has successfully fought and won 4 DWI blood draw trials as well as charges ranging from assault of a public servant to sex charges.

Marc tells his clients he cannot guarantee a result.  But, Marc does  guarantee that he will always tell his clients the truth, whether it’s good news or bad, and he will always aggressively to protect their rights.


  • San Antonio Natives
  • Aggressive trial lawyers with experience in federal, state, felony, and misdemeanor trials.
  • Successfully handles felony cases as far as Pecos, Brownsville, LaGrange, Houston and Waco.
  • Membership in Mexican American Bar Association, San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Licensed in Federal Western District of Texas and the Federal Southern District of Texas. 

Our Services

  • Criminal Defense (State & Federal)
  • Motion to Revoke Hearings
  • DWI
  • Personal Injury
  • Probate Law
  • Wills, Estates, & Trusts

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