Whether you are hoping to start a family or trying to adopt your stepchildren, grandchildren, or other loved ones, we can help you navigate the legal requirements of the adoption process. There are many reasons to adopt, and LaHood Law has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the documentation and any court appearances you may have to go through in your adoption process.

Are you interested in adopting a child? Are you aware of the technicalities involved in the process? If that is what you are looking for, you are at the right place. We are a renowned law firm in San Antonio. Call us to get an experienced San Antonio family law attorney.

Adoption Order

If a lawsuit requesting the termination of adoption is joined with another one seeking, a court terminates the child-parent relationship from when an adoption order is issued. The court ensures that the adoption or the termination benefits the child. 

In case adoption requirements are fully met, the court grants an adoption. Besides, a foster parent may change the child’s name after getting an adoption order under the guidance of a San Antonio family law attorney.

Who Can Adopt?

One can adopt a child residing in San Antonio if:

  • The child-parent relationship to each of the child’s living parents is terminated
  • A parent with child possession rights is the current petitioner’s spouse, and they are filing for a step-parent adoption
  • The child is more than two years old, and one parent has terminated the child-parent relationship
  • The Department of Protective and Regulatory Services (DPRS) has approved an affidavit of relinquishing parental rights
Requirements for an Adoption License

For an adoption license to be granted, the following info must be verified:

  • A court’s staff undertakes a thorough abuse and criminal background check on all adults in your household
  • Attend training sessions to learn the challenges that neglected children face
  • Allow a home study conducted and all your household members should be present
  • You should be single, divorced, married or widowed
  • Offer non-relative and relative references
  • A guardian should be financially stable, responsible and over 20 years old
Access to Information

A child’s adoptive parents should receive genuine copies of the child’s historical records. DPRS, an individual or an approved child-placing agency can maintain them. Once the adopted child matures, together with their foster parents, they should get copies of edited records to protect their biological parents’ identity. 

When a court issues an adoption order, it provides the foster parents with information from the Bureau of Vital Statistics. It describes a voluntary adoption registry’s functions. The report includes the child’s or biological parents’ right not to participate in the adoption registry.

In case you are planning to adopt a child, reach out to LaHood Law. We will provide you with a competent San Antonio family law attorney to help you out. Also, we are passionate about meeting our customers’ needs.


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