Visitation Enforcement

We not only represent you during the custody agreement process but also after the judge has made a court order and outlined the custody arrangements. If there are any problems with your co-parent during this process, we will handle the legal requirements for visitation enforcement to make sure you and your children are happy and safe.

4 Things You Must Know About Visitation Enforcement

Did you know that approximately 83% of child support requests experience visitation denial and 18% get the grant thanks to courts enforcing visitation?

Are you planning to file a divorce? Do you know the legal processes that visitation enforcement entails? If so, it’s crucial for you to consult genuine San Antonio family law attorneys to handle your child’s visitation concern.

The Standard Possession Order (SPO)

There are different types of visitation

There are different types of visitation arrangements that parents can have. However, some people don’t agree on which specific provision they will follow. The Standard Possession Order allows a noncustodial parent to visit their child from 6:00 pm on three Fridays in a month. The visits last up to the next Sunday. During the regular school year, one can visit their kid on Thursday evenings from 6:00 pm  – 8:00 pm.

During all annual holidays, each parent has a chance to spend time with their children. The SPO allows a noncustodial parent to spend a month with the kid during summer.

Supervised Visitation

If a child has been abused or neglected in the past, a court may supervise the neglectful parent’s visits. Customarily, it appoints a trusted family member to oversee the parent’s child possession periods.

Visitation Rights Violation
In a visitation agreement, each parent expresses expectations. They can agree to break or modify the rules. However, when one parent decides to cut the deal unilaterally, the other parent is free to enforce its terms. Besides, the aggrieved parent can opt to solve the dispute through mediation.

A parent who continually breaks the agreement may be sued in a court. A violation consists of:

  • Hiring a third party to conduct the child exchange
  • Being with a child longer than the allotted period
  • Making frequent calls when the other parent is with a child
  • Failure to disclose vital information about the child’s school affairs
  • Making random visits whenever the child is with the other parent
  • Failure to alert the other parent when picking up the kid
Child Custody Modification

It is vital to modify child custody orders after a court’s judgment. Each parent should keenly follow the order’s conditions. If you get specific benefits and your ex-spouse defies the child custody and visitation orders, you are permitted to enforce the judgment. However, you can’t alter the decree on property division.

If you are experiencing any co-parenting challenges during a custody agreement process, contact our office. We will assign you a San Antonio family law attorney, who will represent you during and after the custody process.


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