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What Are Federal Crimes?

A federal crime is an action considered by the United States as unlawful or illegal in the eyes of legislative processes set forth by the U.S. A federal crime is charged only in a federal court; it is not charged within any other courts contained in the United States, which includes municipal, state and others.

If you or someone you know has been accused of a serious federal crime, you need help. Beating allegations of a federal crime could be the hardest fight of your life. You are in direct conflict with the United States government if you are charged with a federal crime. This means significant firepower will be brought against you if your case gets brought into court.

LaHood Law can help you. The LaHood Law team has had experience with some of the biggest cases in Texas. Their legal expertise can help work toward building a case that can accomplish your desired results. LaHood Law will work hard to get you the best possible results.

Federal Crimes List

Before you set foot in court, it’s important to get educated about federal crimes. There are a number of crimes that are classified as federal only. Cases tried as federal crimes often have a degree of weight attached to them. These crimes are often much larger in scope than crimes tried in municipal or state courts. Ergo, the resources allocated to federal crimes and their prosecution are much greater.

If you inform yourself of what crimes fall within federal jurisdiction, your knowledge can help your strategy moving forward. With LaHood Law, we believe in a thorough education for all of our clients. The more knowledge you have, the more thorough your case can be.


Crimes Against Children

Acts where a child was harmed in a violent or abusive manner. These acts include the creation of pornographic images involving children, exploitation of children for labor, acts of physical violence, abductions, kidnapping by parents, and more. Any actions which have been committed that would severely damage a child are sent to federal review.

Computer Crimes

Utilization of digital media wherein a criminal act is conducted upon it. This could include online identity theft, hacking into a federally operated website, invasion of privacy through publishing private information for public consumption, fraud where one misuses an access device, and more.


An agreement whereby two or more people agree to commit a criminal act in the future. Many charges of conspiracy require an overt action that has been committed in relation to the planned crime. This action would have demonstrated what is known as general intent or the intention to commit the crime. 

Copyright Violations

When copyrighted material is utilized without the copyright owner’s permission. These instances could involve utilizing a film clip without consent, using a sample from a song in an unlicensed manner, reproducing a copyrighted image without going through the proper channels, and gaining financial benefits from using another artist’s work. 


Producing a forged item of importance without the owner’s or creator’s specific permission and/or without the owner’s and creator’s knowledge. Counterfeiting is typically coupled with an attempt to convince other parties the forged item is, in fact, the actual item in question.

Fraud Against the Government

When someone has falsified information to procure services from the United States government in an unjust manner. This can include making a false claim with the intent to benefit financially, making fraudulent Medicare/Medicaid claims, extending defense contracts, or fraud against a health care company. If one makes untrue claims to benefit from the government, this could be tried in a court of federal law. 

Immigration Offenses

Any action pertaining to illegal immigration action. This could include entering the United States without proper authorization, re-entering without proper authorization, assisting those in the country illegally in any manner, or producing counterfeit materials with the intent of immigrating.


The willful abduction of a human being by another human being without their express consent. Those who kidnap others are typically looking for something else in return, be it financially, lawfully, emotionally, or something else entirely.

Large Amounts of Possession

When one is in possession of an illegal substance in amounts large enough for law enforcement to deduce or assume intent to distribute. These substances often refer to illegal narcotics, such as amphetamines, cocaine, LSD, marijuana, or other drugs.

Major Thefts

The abduction of material goods from a location without the owner’s consent. Minor incidents of theft are left to smaller courts. However, major thefts – which include the unlawful removal of jewelry, gems, major historical artifacts, or any other items with significance – fall under federal jurisdiction.


When someone lies under oath while on the stand in a court of law. If someone takes the stand to testify on a case taken to court, they are sworn to an oath, to tell the truth. If they violate this, they are in defiance of the very nature of the court. However, there can be reasons for someone to commit perjury.

Tax Crimes

Any criminal activity involving explicitly disobeying tax laws and regulations. This could include tax fraud, evasion, and tax crimes involving public corruption. Many checks are in place for those who cannot afford to pay taxes to pay them. For those who willfully do not pay taxes, there are serious consequences.

White-Collar Crimes

These are crimes often without physical violence wherein a criminal activity is committed in order to financially benefit the offender. Crimes included under this umbrella are environmental crimes, fraud against financial institutions, insurance fraud, laundering money, antitrust, commodities and securities fraud, and bankruptcy fraud.

 Due to the severity of charges with a white-collar label, LaHood Law takes these allegations very seriously. While they are not violent, white-collar crimes could be perceived as very harmful to individuals and institutions as financially ruining. This is not a light charge, so LaHood Law will work diligently to get the best outcome possible for those charged with these serious crimes.


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