San Antonio Attorneys Handling Probation Violations

When a person has been accused of a crime, he or she could be placed on probation, which requires supervision by a designated party from the court. Probation was created with the intent of making sure accused criminals adhere to laws and stay out of any further illegal activity.

If an accused criminal is found to be in violation of any terms of probation, it could create serious consequences, including further jail time and even stricter probation stipulations.

Adult Probation

Adult probation primarily applies to those aged 18 and older but can apply to minors if the crime they are accused of is considered particularly harsh.

Those who are placed into adult probation may be tasked with the following:

  • Finding a job
  • Attending rehabilitation meetings
  • Volunteer time with the community

Another requirement of adult probation could be regular meetings with a probation officer. The probation officer will keep checks on a person and make sure their development after their case is proceeding according to plan. If the individual on probation violates any terms, then probation privileges may be revoked, and that person could be placed in prison.

Juvenile Probation

Juvenile probation applies to any minors who are prosecuted for charges of criminal activity. Juvenile probation is often preferred as opposed to incarceration, as many people believe that incarceration can do lasting damage to a minor’s development.

The same tasks from adult probation may apply to juvenile probation. However, the minor must also remain in school, which could include working at technical or trade school. If the minor has already earned a diploma, then he or she is required to work. The probation officer may also work with the employers as well as faculty and staff of the minor’s school to make sure the minor is supervised at all times.


What Happens if You Violate Probation?

If you violate your probation once, you may only get a warning from your officer. Probation is considered an alternative to prison, so a probation officer may be incentivized to help you stay away from court and possible confinement. The warning could also include extra community service or other pre-existing requirements being extended.

Violations of probation could include further rehabilitation in a guided form (i.e., rehabilitation clinic), further group therapy, more fines, and increased time of probation.

If you violate probation several times, a probation officer may report you, which would require you to appear before a judge for new punishments. Under probation law, the consequences of your actions can be punished at the leisure of the court, which could include the maximum limits of incarceration in the state of Texas.

Have You Been Accused of Probation Violations?

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